Being recognized, worldwide, as a producer of reference of latex compounds and industrial adhesives, always offering our customers the best products, maintaining the highest levels of quality and promoting economic and environmental sustainability of those who interact with us.


Our goal is to provide the maximum potential of the latex compounds and industrial adhesives for the benefit of our customers, employees and society.

Our business model strives for good organization, seeking to improve continuously, promoting innovation and providing a work environment safe and fair.

Our values ​​are the foundation upon which we build our business and guide our behavior.




Spirit of Sacrifice



We empower our employees autonomy. From here comes responsibility. We believe that solutions to industrial equations only can be properly solved with method and discipline at work.

We set ambitious targets but achievable. We continually challenge ourselves to go beyond the limits. We are highly focused on bringing added value to those who work with us.

We have present in our mentality that only being persistence we can successfully add value. It is with this fighter attitude we commit to deliver our products in the most demanding markets.

We are dedicated and we expect the same from others. We promote a culture of commitment to the individual and collective projects. We see the careful attention given to our products as a differentiating factor.