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logótipo da indulatex

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To achieve worldwide recognition as a reference company in the production of latex compounds and industrial adhesives, providing high quality products that promote the environmental and economic sustainability of those who interact with us.


To foster the full potential of latex compounds and industrial adhesives for the benefit of our customers, employees and the rest of the social community.

Supported by a business model that stands for good organisation, we will seek to evolve continuously, promoting innovation in the construction of a safe and fairer working environment.


Our values form the foundation on which we build our business model and guide our day-to-day conduct.

valores da indulatex


We empower all our employees with autonomy, knowing that this confidence brings with it the necessary responsibility to carry out their duties with rigour. We are certain that solutions to complex industrial equations can only be found through the introduction of method and discipline.


We set ambitious but achievable goals that encourage us to go a little beyond our own limits. We believe that only in this way can we maintain a constant evolution and bring added value to all those who work with us.

spirit of sacrifice

We believe that through persistence in the search for success we can reach further and add value to the sector. Being armed with this resilience we can commit ourselves to taking our products to the most demanding markets and collaborate in representing the Portuguese industry.


We are truly dedicated to the chemical sector and we encourage the same behaviour in all those who work with us. By promoting a culture of commitment to collective projects internally, we are able to galvanise the team around the goal and elevate their focus on the creation and development of our products.

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