• Contact Adhesives - Solvent Based
  • Contact Adhesives - Water Based
  • Latex based Adhesives
  • Thermo-Adhesive Glues
  • Hot-melt adhesives

Products for the Fabrics Lamination Industry

It was in this sector over recent years, that we developed more. The qualified technicians and
constant training, brought to this sector more competitive and higher quality products. Below we provide a list of the groups most important textile adhesives for the fabrics lamination industry.

  • Contact Adhesives - Solvent Based

Description: Contact adhesives based on polychloroprene rubbers, phenolic resins and hydrocarbons, metal oxides aromatic solvents and aliphatic ketones.

​Aplication: Gluing of polyurethane foams, latex among themselves and other materials like wood, fabric and cardboard, used in the mattress and tapestry industry. Gluing of carpets, upholstry and cork.

  • Contact Adhesives - Water Based

Description: Water based contact adhesives monocomponent and bicomponent.

​Application: Gluing of polyurethane foams, látex and polyether among themselves and to others materials used in the mattress industry, tapestry and shoe industry.

  • Latex based Adhesives

Description: Adhesives based on natural and synthetic latex.

​Application: Yarn impregnation, fabric edges gluing and others textiles gluings.

  • Thermo-Adhesive Glues

Description:Heat-reactive glues based on aqueous polymeric dispersions.

​Application: Textile coatings, cork, foam and foothills used in the footwear industry.

  • Hot-melt Adhesives

Description: ​​Hot-melt adhesives in sticks or straws used in various applications.

​Application: Paste fabric, polyurethane foam, wood, plastic, for fixation of cables with PVC coating, etc.



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