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solvent-based contact adhesives

Description: ​Contact adhesives based on polychloroprene rubbers, phenolic and hydrocarbon resins, metal oxides, aromatic and aliphatic solvents and acetones.


​Application: Bonding polyurethane and latex foams to each other and to other materials such as wood, fabric and cardboard, used in the bedding and upholstery industry. Gluing of carpets, upholstery and cork.

water-based contact adhesives

Description: ​Water-based one- and two-component contact adhesives.


​Application: Bonding polyurethane, latex and polyether foams to each other and to other materials used in the bedding, upholstery and footwear industries.

latex-based adhesives

Description: Natural and synthetic latex based adhesives.


​Application: Bonding and impregnation of yarns, textile fibres and other textile bonding.

thermosetting adhesives

Description: Hotmelt adhesives based on aqueous polymeric dispersions.


​Application: Textile coverings, cork, foams and counterskins used in the footwear industry.

hotmelt adhesives

Description: ​​Hotmelt adhesives in stick or reed used in various applications.


​Application: Bonding fabric, polyurethane foams, wood, plastic, for fixing PVC coated cables, etc.

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