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Contact Adhesives
Thermo-adhesive Glues
Natural and Synthetic Latex

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Products for the Shoe Industry

We create alliances for the future in this sector, a result of our ongoing research and development of new products. Below we provide a list of the most important groups of products for the shoemaking industry.

  • Contact Adhesives

Description: Contact adhesives based on Colas de contacto à base de polychloroprene and solvents.

Application: Good resistance to temperature. General uses.

  • Thermo-adhesive Glues

Description:Heat-reactive glues based on aqueous polymeric dispersions.

​Application: Textile coatings, cork, foam and foothills used in the footwear industry.

  • Natural and Synthetic

Description: ​Adhesives based on natural and synthetic latex.

Application: Insoles fabrication, fabrics and foams.


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