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laboratório da indulatex

For us, the Research & Development Department is crucial for exploring new markets and business opportunities, identifying new trends and innovations that can be applied to our products.

We are increasingly committed to providing the best working conditions for our technical team, maintaining a collaborative environment that promotes innovation and excellence in everything we do.

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Through the efforts of a young and highly specialised team in different areas of Chemical Engineering, we seek to provide all the support and technical guidance our customers need.

We understand that your doubts and technical difficulties are important, and so we put our technical team at your disposal, supported by modern laboratories equipped with equipment capable of testing and analysing the chemical behaviour of our products.

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Specialised know-how and experience from different business sectors has enabled us to develop hundreds of products and launch several innovations to the market. To a large extent, this has been due to the enormous flexibility we have to reinvent our products.


Even when faced with the most complex challenges, our customers know they can count on us for the customised development of formulas that meet their needs.

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We are always highly motivated by the search for new solutions for the sector, as we know that through research and development we can discover new ways of improving the quality of our products, making them more efficient and sustainable.


For this reason, we are always ready to embrace with dedication the challenges that our customers place before us. For us there are no impossibilities.

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