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Environmental Concern

Situated in one of the most beautiful areas of Portugal, one of the banks of the river Douro, we feel greater obligation to ensure that we preserve the environmental conditions in which we live.

From early on we demonstrated a culture oriented towards environmental sustainability.

Nowadays, there are numerous examples of this mentality, sustained in Indulatex's employees.

In terms of the production process, we have the following as examples: the creation of a WWTP, supervised regularly by our engineers; the recycling of almost all the surplus production waste, from paper to solvent matters and the use of natural gas instead of propane gas.

However, we try to convey the sustainability not only by the way we do our products but also by the products themselves. It is our clear commitment to develop aqueous products, neglecting the solvent products that are detrimental to our air due to the release of volatile organic compounds.

Because all of our activity is developed taking into account environmentally sustainable solutions, we are certified by the “Sociedade Ponto Verde” as an organization that contributes to a better management of environmental waste.




We think green, as these is our corporate color.


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