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logótipo da indu

There is an intrinsic link between Indulatex Chemicals and the industry that goes back to the foundations of its own foundation. This link has guided our product creation and development focus and allowed us to embrace different challenges inherent to the industry. 

INDU is the brand that encompasses all products aimed at some of the main national industries, with which we work to improve their competitiveness.

We want our customers to continue to associate INDU with the trust, quality and rigour with which we have established ourselves in the chemical sector.

logótipo da uni

Floor glues and other technical adhesives are staples in Indulatex Chemicals' range and are aggregated under the umbrella of a brand that represents the accumulated experience and quality we associate with everything we produce.

The UNI is our flagship for technical and contact adhesives, occupying a well-deserved place on the shelves of specialty shops and in other work books.
Sure of the potential that our adhesives have, we will continue to work to make UNI reach more professionals in the sector.

logótipo da nisa

Indulatex Chemicals' universe of technical solutions would not make sense without a brand that distinguishes its varnishes, maintenance and surface preparation products.

NISA is the ideal choice for professionals looking for national products at competitive prices and with a recognized quality.

Our commitment to maintaining rigorous quality standards over the years has ensured that we have efficient products capable of achieving the results desired by applicators.

logótipo da reve

There is a great deal of innovation in technical coatings, whether through the introduction of epoxies, polyurethanes or water-based enamels.

REVE brings together some of our most innovative products, demonstrating an enormous potential to satisfy the most technically complex jobs without losing the high efficiency that characterises our products. 

Through REVE we raise the bar for coating products by presenting innovative solutions at competitive prices.

Our range of products is vast, and for this very reason, we seek to segment it through these four brands.

This organisation, which is defined according to the nature of the product, facilitates its technical characterisation and the area of application for which it is intended.

Product range

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