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técnicas de laboratório

We know that it is our employees who set us apart and add value, making a major contribution to our success in the chemical sector.

Production processes involve a high degree of specialisation and continuous development due to the vast complexity of chemical processes. A competent team makes it easier to ensure operational safety and to contribute to advances in innovation, research and development.

técnica de laboratório

The industry has historically been recognised as a mostly male environment but we have sought to counter this trend by attracting women with in-depth knowledge of this business area and great technical ability.

With placements at different levels of our organisation chart, these hirings have balanced the gender equality balance, bringing it closer to symmetry in the total number of employees.

laboratório da indulatex

Our team has highly qualified professionals in different areas who are dedicated to identifying new trends and innovations that can be applied to our products. This means identifying our clients' needs and exceeding their expectations. For us there are no impossibilities.

If you also believe that there are no impossibilities, come and work with us!

For recruitment purposes, please send your CV to the e-mail address of our Human Resources Department and submit a spontaneous application.

Spontaneous applications

Human Resources


(+351) 227 840 085

(call to portuguese national fixed network)

Opening hours

Monday to Friday

09:00 to 12:30 and 13:30 to 18:00

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