Indulatex was established on February 4, 1994 and was then headquartered in the industrial area of Trofa. It was formed by 3 partners and had only one employee.
The company labored in a facility ceded as a loan by a client and had only one car for the entire service.
The production of adhesives and latex compounds was, at that time, absorbed by 70% by a single customer.


Now only with two partners, due to sustained growth in sales, relocation is made for a more productive area facilities and better technical conditions.

It is in the industrial area of Avintes in V. N. Gaia, that we see the surface production reach 2000 square meters and the production capacity to exceed 10,000 tons per year.


In order to meet increasingly technical needs of customers, it is created the first technical laboratory.

Following the ecological concerns contained in the culture of Indulatex, it's built a WWTP system for the treatment of wastewater from the production process.

Also in this year, takes place the development of a new range of products, varnishes and derivatives.


As the business solidifies and the number of workers increases, we make an expansion in terms of productive area, totaling 5,000 square meters.


For the first time, sales to the export market outweigh domestic sales. The company policy is increasingly oriented to internationalization. Reinforcing strategic positions in the domestic market.


Throughout this year, there is a radical expansion of production capacity. In response to growing external demand, the annual production is expanded to 50,000 tonnes per year.


Reactively to changes inside and outside the company, we proceeds to the remodeling of the entire corporate image. This renewal comes as the continuous improvement process, triggered internally. The company now has a new corporate image and a renewed website, industrially oriented.


An important step is given for a sustainable development and a strong commitment with all stakeholders. Since September of this year Indulatex becomes a joint-stock company and has a new name:

Indulatex Chemicals S.A.