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urea formaldehyde adhesives

Description: ​​One- and two-component, pre-catalysed urea-formaldehyde powder resins that give adhesives with good water resistance.


​Application: Adhesives especially suitable for gluing wood, being used for gluing in short pressing cycles as well as for gluing when high-frequency heating is required.

white glues

Description: Adhesives based on an aqueous dispersion of synthetic resins. Transparent film with great resistance and various drying times. Adhesives conforming to the requirements of groups D2, D3 and D4 of DIN EN 204.

​Application: Specially developed for the joinery and carpentry industry, namely for gluing marine plywood, wood and formica.

polyurethane based adhesives

Description: ​​​Mono-component adhesives based on polyurethane resins. They meet the requirements of group D4 of the DIN EN 204 standard.


​Application: Bonds all types of wood and wood fibre sheets, chipboard, veneer, paper, cardboard, etc., on porous and non-porous materials (except on polyethylene and polypropylene). It can also be used on porous materials.

hotmelt adhesives

Description: ​​​Hotmelt adhesives in stick or reed used in various applications.


​Application: Bonding of fabric, polyurethane foams, wood, plastic, for fixing PVC-coated cables, etc.

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