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Caixotes de reciclagem

Located in one of the most beautiful areas in the north of Portugal, right next to the south bank of the Douro River, we feel an added responsibility to ensure the preservation of this ecosystem and the environment.


From very early on we manifested a culture oriented towards environmental protection, instilling in all our employees the best sustainability practices and the adoption of recycling and resource saving habits.

Purificação Biológica

The production process is resource intensive by nature, so we feel the need to look for a way to bring more balance into this environmental equation.

Therefore, we created a Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is regularly supervised; we recycle almost all the waste surplus to production, from paper to solvent materials, we use natural gas instead of propane gas, and we have also started to renew our fleet with electric vehicles.

Envernizamento the Deck

Over the last few years we have made a significant effort to achieve greater sustainability of our product range, promoting changes in their manufacturing methods but also in the chemical basis with which they are created.


Our focus on the development of aqueous products is now clear, preferring solvent products which are very harmful to the environment due to the release of volatile organic compounds.

logótipo da sociedade ponto verde

Our daily practices are developed taking into account the search for more environmentally sustainable solutions, and as such we are certified by Sociedade Ponto Verde as one of the Portuguese organisations that respects the management of packaging waste.

This effort of ours prevented the emission of 1.64 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere during the year 2021. We believe that respect and concern for the environment is a mission that all industries should assume with due social responsibility.

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