Latex for Agglomeration
Adhesives - Water based
Adhesives - Solvent based
Pigmented Adhesives
Thermo-adhesives Glues

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Products for the Cork Industry

This range of products is the latest effort of our laboratories. Our privileged geographical location in relation to the cork industry and the environmental component inherent in this sector, has led us to develop a new range of products with unique orientation for cork.

Below we offer a list of the most importante groups in the cork industry.

  • Latex for Agglomeration

Description: Compounds based on natural or synthetic latex, filled or not filled with calciumcarbonate.

Application: Agglomeration of cork granules and rubber granules.

  • Adhesives - Water based

Description: Adhesives based on aqueous dispersions of synthetic resins.

Application: Gluing cork to cork, cork to softboard, cork to leather, cork with PVC, wood to wood, etc..

  • Adhesives - Solvent Based

Description: contact adhesives based on polychloroprene and solvents.

Application: gluings cork to cork, cork softboard, cork to leather, cork with PVC, wood to wood, etc..

  • Pigmented Adhesives

Description: Adhesives based on dispersions of synthetic resins, resistant pigments.


​Application: Decorative gluing.

  • Thermo-adhesives Glues

Description: Mono and bi-component water-based adhesives, based on dispersions of synthetic resins. Excellent adhesion to different substrates. Good initial tack and high mechanical strength. Enables gluing effectively and quickly.


​Application: Gluing of linoleum and vinyl to cork, recycled leather to cork, etc..

  • Varnishes

Description: Aqueous two-component polyurethane varnishes. Provide high quality finishes. Varnishes with high resistance to abrasion and friction marks.


​Application: Specially developed for varnishing and re-varnishing of cork flooring.