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Description: Products developed for bonding different types of flooring.


​Application: Bonding of various types of surfaces, such as: reguado, parquet, lamparquet, floating, cork, carpeting, PVC coating and even synthetic grass.


Description: Varnishes, glazes and oils for floor treatment and protection.


​Application: Floor covering in wood, parquet, cork and furniture.

surface preparation

Description: Products specifically developed for the preparation of various types of surfaces.


​Application: Primary treatment of wood, cement or ceramic surfaces.

surface maintenance

Description: Waxes, detergents and water repellents for cleaning and protecting various types of surfaces.

​Application: Cleaning and protection of wood, ceramic, vinyl, linoleum, cement, concrete and stone surfaces.

sports floors

Description: Products developed specifically for the preparation of sports floors.


​Application: Athletics tracks, rubber mats and wooden sports floors.

epoxies and polyurethanes

Description: Products developed on the basis of epoxies and polyurethanes.


​Application: Floor primers, paints, self-levelling and sealants.


Description: Thinners developed for the dilution of various products.


​Application: Dilution of varnishes, pore sealers, adhesives and also in use for various types of cleaning.

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